Electronic Application System


The General Consulate of Panama in Piraeus, Greece, would like to notify of the amended Segumar Merchant Marine Circulars No. 183 and No. 191 announcing the upcoming implementation of the Technical  Certificates Electronic Application System of Panama Maritime Authority, the new online e-Application Platform starting as of August 1st 2016.
In order to facilitate and ensure a smooth familiarization and transition period, the General Consulate of Panama in Piraeus, Greece, would like to provide to the staff members of your esteemed company the following guidelines:
As of August 1st 2016 no e-mail applications will be processed for the issuance of :
  • Bunker Convention Certificate 2001 (BCC)
  • Wreck Removal Convention Certificates (WRC)
  • Passenger Ships Liability Certificate as per Athens Convention 2002 (PAL)
  • Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)
For issuance of the above certificates you must submit your applications through the new online System, using the following link:
 http://certificates.amp.gob.pa/certificates - recommendable through GOOGLE CHROME.
See below a video with full insuctions for the new electronic platform:


You will be able to fill in Electronic Applications and upload the requested supporting documents in pdf or word format; the Official Payment Receipt is one of the mandatory documents requested.
In order to avoid delays and ensure efficient processing of your applications, it will be necessary to obtain in advance the Official Receipt for the applicable fee. This means that payment to the General Consulate of Panama in Piraeus, Greece, must be done before the application is submitted through the new online system. For the issuance of the Official Receipt kindly contact the Segumar-Piraeus Office (techassistant@panamaconsulate.gr, segumarpg@segumar.com) and/or the General Consulate of Panama in Piraeus, Greece, info@panamaconsulate.gr) via e-mail indicating your intentions to apply for a Technical Certificate and specifying the following:  Name of Vessel, Type of Certificate, Amount to be paid, Method of Payment and Name of paying company in order to issue the corresponding Official Receipts.
Please be advised that e-applications submitted without the corresponding Official Receipt will be considered as deficient.
After successful completion of your e-application the online System will provide you via e-mail the Request Number unique for the particular application. You may apply for the same type of certificates for multiple vessels with a single order, provided that you will use the same method of payment, the same applicant details and the same delivery address.
After successful processing of your application, the requested certificates will still be printed and signed by the Segumar-Piraeus Office. Upon issuance of the requested certificate you will receive automatic electronic notification.
The expert team of the Segumar-Piraeus Office at the General Consulate of Panama in Piraeus, Greece, is at your availability for any clarifications and assistance you may need.  
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