Each application should be send by email to in accordance with below circulars and instructions.


  • Indicate ranks you wish to apply for (e.g. MASTER & SSO  & GO GMDSS; CHIEF ENGINEER & DSD; FITTER & SSA) at your email.
  • Please do not use abbreviations (provide us with full details of ranks and requested courses)
  • Indicate exactly the type of tanker you wish to apply for (full details) e.g.: ADVANCED OIL TANKER CARGO OPERATIONS. Attach ONLY the tanker COC/COP that you wish to apply for.
  • If you wish to apply for more than one type of tanker, you will have to send the documents in separate attachments. For example, if you wish to apply for advanced oil & chemical tanker, you will have to send COC/COP in different attachments.
  • Use PDF format: Attach documents in clear, legible, and high resolution PDF format. Documents must be scanned straight.
  • Each file must have only one type of document, for example, only DSD, only basic safety training, with the exception of the COC in which you will also have to attach the endorsement (if applicable).
  • Naming the files:  You will have to use the following format when naming the files: Ivanov Vadim passport. Ivanov Vadim coc and endors, Ivanov Vadim dsd
  • For biometrics (signature and photo) please send TWO SEPARATE attachments. (one for the photo and one for the signature) according to the following specifications. 

a. Color Photo in .jpeg format with white background (high resolution min 600x600pixels, min 300dpi)

b. Signature on white background and black ink ONLY, .jpeg format (high resolution min 600x600pixels, min 300dpi)