Passport Info


*The process takes between 3 to 6 weeks

  1. Fill the application form (only hand print or typed will be accepted).(Download Passport application "Solicitud de Pasaporte" )
  2. Fill the Finger print form. In the fingerprint form you must place only 4 fingers of the right and left hand upright position and not on the sides and thumbs must be placed horizontally (Download Finger Print Form)
  3. Two (2) copies in colour of the main page of the expired passport. If your passport has been lost or stolen, please see below under the heading “Renewal of lost or stolen passport”.            
  4. Two (2) copies of the petitioner's Panamanian personal Identification Card (CedulaPlease note: If you do not have a Panamanian Identification Card (Cedula) or your Panamanian Identification Card (Cedula) is expired and are renewing your passport in Greece, you can provide Greek identification that contains your picture and signature along with the certification of signature form. However, you are only allowed to renew your passport from overseas once without a valid Identification Card. When you receive your passport, you must return to Panama and renew your Panamanian Identification Card (Cedula) before your passport expires. The National Passport Directorate (Dirección Nacional de Passaportes) will not allow you to renew your passport twice with an expired cedula.
  5. Three (3) photographs

Passport Photo Requirements:

  • Passport size (size 35 mm wide x 45 mm high)
  • Must be in colour, not glossy and with a white background
  • Forehead and ears must be visible
  • If you have bangs, they must be pinned back
  • Hair must be brushed back and tucked behind ears
  • No sleeveless shirts, no big earrings, no facial piercing, no coloured contacts and no glasses (even if you wear prescription glasses)


The fee for passport renovation is $100.00 USD or $50.00 USD for jubilados only (women over the age of 55 and men over the age of 65).


For Underage or Minors

Including the requirements in the section Requirements for Panamanian Passport, you will need also:

  1. Application form for a minor must be signed by the father and mother within the top left hand box that indicates “Firma del Solicitante”.
  2. Signed letter from father and mother authorizing the Consulate to request the minor's passport. (This document will be provivded, signed and stamped by the consulate).
  3. Photocopy of the personal Identification Card (Cedulaof the minor.
  4. Photocopy of Panamanian personal Identification Card (Cedula) of both mother and father of the minor. Call the consulate for exceptions.
  5. If the minor is 13 years and older, they must sign their first and last name in the middle of a white sheet of paper 8 ½ x 11).
  6. They must also fill out and sign the certification of signature form “certification of signature”


Renewal of Lost or Stolen Passport

Including the requirements in the section Requirements for Panamanian Passport, you will need also:

Copy of Police report. Must include passport number that has been lost or stolen. If you need the number, you can call the National Passport Directorate (Dirección Nacional de Pasaportes) at 00-507-512-2188.