24 DECEMBER 2020
LOS NIÑOS CANTORES DE AZUERO participate in Christmas Program organized by the Municipality of Aghias, Larissa
In the context of the Christmas celebrations, the Municipality of Aghia, in the region of Larissa, Greece, invited the choir “Los Cantores de Azuero” to join their voices to other youth choirs around the world in the Christmas program organized by the Municipality "Christmas Around the World" in their youtube channel.

The musical project is an initiative of the Mr. Juan Francisco Guerrero and Mrs. Cecilia del Carmen Quintero whose purpose is to provide an artistic-cultural opportunity to children and young people of the Azuero region which includes the provinces of Herrera and Los Santos located in the interior of the Republic of Panama.

The choir consists of children between the ages of 8 and 16, many of them from families with limited financial resources who benefit from scholarships or grants from the Guerrero-Quintero spouses who currently maintain a space dedicated exclusively to musical teaching for children and young people in the interior of the country. Currently the group is made up of 35 singing children who prepare a weekly repertoire with selections of classical, popular and folk music from all Latin American countries and around the world.


The children are prepared musically by the Guerrero-Quintero husbands with lyrical singing techniques managing to perform their repertoire at two, three and up to four voices becoming the first and for now only children's choir of its category in Panama.